Between the 15th and 31st of August we assisted more than 20 Afghans musicians, festival staff and their families [including a pregnant mother] to get out of Afghanistan and arrive at following destinations: France, Poland, UK and Germany. We also have several in processing camps in Bahrain and Kuwait. And, we still have evacuees on our list in Afghanistan desperate to get out.

We’ve got the band back together!

Sound Central is a grassroots organization we founded in Afghanistan 2010, has today called on the governments around the world to grant visas for Afghan musicians in the wake of the increasingly dire situation in Afghanistan.

While tolerance has so far been promised, musicians across Afghanistan desperately fear that their lives are at risk. Already, threat letters have been received, instruments destroyed, and music-related institutions forcibly closed down.

How the public can help:

  1. Please relay this message to your MP or representatives: We seek a musician under threat visas to be created by participating governments.
  2. Sign our petition that will be sent to our government.
  3. Please donate to our Sound Central funding campaign. All funds will be used to support Afghan musicians in their visa applications and towards resettlement outside of Afghanistan.

“As outrageous as it sounds, people’s lives are at stake just for being musicians. They are actually targets; the potential exists that the entire musical culture of Afghanistan could be wiped out, and that is not even hyperbole. Avoiding this is worthy of an international effort.”

Bill Gould: Bass player Faith No More and executive producer on Rockabul

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